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The Future of Money

Money and digital assets are gradually becoming decentralised on blockchain protocol. But until then, the existing global financial systems are controlled by big banks, brokerages and exchanges that prevent mass market consumers and retail investors from truly participating profitably in global investment opportunities at the seed, growth or IPO stage. MoneyDrome Edge is determined to change that.

Blockchain - The Internet of Value

Blockchain is the technology of the future and will revolutionise the world-wide-web by decentralisation, transparency and trust. As soon as the challenges of blockchain speed and scalability are overcome, blockchain will become the world-wide “Internet of Value”.

MoneyDrome Edge - at the vanguard of Blockchain technology

MoneyDrome Edge aims to disrupt and democratise the financial markets by providing mass market consumers and retail investors the opportunity to participate in the financial markets through digital asset management based on blockchain protocol.


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Mission - Simplify investing, democratise wealth

Multi-chain investment platform powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics and crypto currencies

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